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Wabi, new mobility business model for a bank

Creating a monthly based car subscription for the new mobility

Transformation Strategy
Business Model Innovation
User Research
UX and Service Design
Brand Experience Design
4 months


The new consumer mobility habits and the rapidly evolving car technology are negatively impacting the Automotive Market. Car dealers are managing an excess of unsold expensive vehicle inventory, while Banks are receiving fewer loan requests for car purchases.

We partnered with Santander to create a cutting-edge business model that revolutionizes the automotive industry by addressing current consumer needs and creating additional revenue streams for dealers, consequently establishing a new relationship between dealers and Santander's Consumer Finance Division.

Illustration of a person and four cars


Since the beginning of this project, we have believed that the right approach is to combine a disruptive business model with an exceptional experience and create a powerful brand that helps consolidate this 'new' relationship between dealers, users, and Santander. A multidisciplinary team, comprised of researchers, service designers, business designers, and branding experts, worked together.
First, we started with research on both targets: 1. Car rental and car-sharing users, to understand their habits, behaviors, and unmet needs, and also, 2. Car dealers to get to know their current business model.
As part of the design process, we conducted co-creation workshops with the client (Consumer Finance division). Together, we developed the concept of a monthly subscription-based car, creating a magnetic service for consumers and a new way of monetization for dealers.
Billboard of the app


The creation of a new brand enabled us to establish a communication code and tone suitable for the different audiences. It was essential to tailor communications and create personalized landing pages for diverse customer segments, including young people, expats, and replacement cars, among others.

Finally, to ensure disruption, we reduced the time to market by leveraging available technology through collaboration with a startup in the mobility sector.

Wabi logo


The project's outcome is a new business model in the field of mobility and the creation of a new brand: Wabi. This enables Santander to provide a mobility service to its customers and monetize the dealers' vehicle inventory. The service materializes through an app, enabling users to subscribe in minutes and gain access to a vehicle within a few hours.
The launch of Wabi has also contributed to Santander's positioning as a key player in the mobility sector for both dealers and consumers, whether or not they are Santander customers.
Finally, the project was awarded in Santander as the most innovative global project. It has recently been launched in Germany as the second country, with expectations to be launched in other countries of Santander Consumer Finance's footprint.
Wabi app icon on a smartphone
"Designing a brand and prototyping the experience at an early stage helped us push internally"

Delivery time

48 h

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