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Leroy Merlin
Hogami, new home services marketplace

Designing and implementing a new business model for home services

Innovation Strategy
Brand Experience Design
Product Design
User Research
UX and Service Design
6 months


Leroy Merlin experienced a market growth downturn. Competitors were quick to respond to changing consumer preferences, shifting from traditional product-focused retailing (e.g., selling grass-cutting machines) to becoming service providers (e.g., offering garden arrangement as a service).

To address this challenge, the company initiated a strategic process to explore new markets, diversify operations, and identify new growth opportunities in the home repairs and furniture installation ecosystem.

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The project started by conducting an in-depth user research, strategically targeting both consumers and professionals to understand their needs and identified potential market opportunities.  
During this research phase, we identified distinct user archetypes. One segment showcased a 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) mindset, while another segment favored the convenience of engaging professionals for guaranteed results; this latter group emerged as the primary target for Hogami.  
Furthermore, we conducted an investigation into Leroy Merlin's brand reputation. With over a century in the market, our goal was to assess the brand equity and credibility in delivering such services, addressing both consumer and professional audiences.  
To conceptualize the solution, we seize the opportunity to focus to individuals who are continuously seeking to enhance their living spaces with the expertise of professionals. Simultaneously, our initiative aims to empower professionals in growing their businesses by the use of technology.  
We run an end-to-end methodology to create this new business model. From research, to business modeling, service design, brand identity and digital product design and implementation.
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Leroy Merlin's brand endorsement was key in presenting Hogami as a trusted brand for home services. The Hogami brand helps the service to reach new consumers and professionals for various home services, extending beyond Leroy Merlin products.  
The adoption by professionals is equally important as consumer adoption. This initiative aims to make day-to-day tasks easier and generate more business for professionals, further positioning Leroy Merlin as a leader within the professional community, beyond price and discounts.


Our solution is Hogami, a digital platform that connects individuals looking to enhance their living spaces with specialized professionals, simplifying the home improvement process. The implementation of this additional service has significantly enhanced the customer experience, streamlining the process and making it more enjoyable.  
This new service has not only encouraged cross-selling and up-selling with the Leroy Merlin portfolio but has also resulted in a positive impact on sales and customer engagement. It effectively addresses a younger and more digitally oriented target audience, providing highly valuable data about home services.  
With the platform, users can:
  • Choose the professional that best suits their needs,
  • Track their appointments
  • Chat with the experts
  • Receive quotations for services  

Simultaneously, the platform enables experts to grow their businesses by:

  • Generating real-time orders
  • Handling immediate requests
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"Every house is a never-ending project. Our focus is to help people build better environments, so they can have a better life"

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