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hey! Orange's new brand
New digital tools for Orange's brand in Belgium

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Full digital low-cost brand for mobile and Internet subcriptions

System Integration
Innovation Strategy
Digital Product Engineering
Analytics and Monitoring
Performance Optimization
Systemic Design
8 months


Orange Belgium needed to launch a new fully digital, low-cost brand to attract new customers without impacting their main brand, Orange. Initiatives like these always come with risks: they could negatively affect the main brand or provide customers with a basic and unsatisfactory experience.

Additionally, Orange needed to swiftly launch the new brand to compete in the low-cost segment. Before the launch of hey!, Orange was missing out on opportunities in the low-cost segment.

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Tangity assumed full responsibility for designing, implementing, testing, and launching the new brand. This required a disciplined work approach, close collaboration, and coordination among developers, designers, and customer service teams, utilizing carefully selected tools.

To meet the launch deadline, the strategy involved creating a streamlined checkout process and a fully web-based customer zone in the initial phase. These were later expanded with additional features and adapted to create a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The project's rapid progress with minimal issues was facilitated by using Drupal as a CMS, not just for public web content but also to provide content and configure other applications as a headless CMS. The new architecture, based on Angular + microservices, was deployed on the Google Cloud platform and seamlessly integrated with CI systems to enhance time-to-market.

hey website mocked up on a macbook


The creation of the new brand enabled targeting a new segment of customers in the Belgian market. Since the launch of hey!, adding promotions and new products has expanded the offerings and enhanced adaptability to the market.

Ultimately, to ensure timely delivery, the key was the establishment of a new architecture, fully cloud-based and automated with DevOps systems.

hey website on mobile


The project resulted in the launch of a new brand, hey!, fully digital, targeting the low-cost segment for young people in Belgium. Post-launch, an easily configurable system was incorporated to apply promotions to the product. Additionally, a new Internet product was introduced to appeal to a broader customer base.

To achieve this, a new architecture was implemented, establishing a DevOps way of working with all the tools to automate deployments and ensure the quality of deliverables. This architecture is fully cloud-based, utilizing the Google Cloud Platform.

hey! website mocked up on macbook