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Deutsche Telekom
Frontline Information Management System

Mock-ups of the Telekom Employee Information Management System on different devices

An information management system that efficiently supports a variety of workflows tailored to the needs of the different user groups.

Deutsche Telekom
Experience Design
Product Design
Digital Product Engineering
30 months


More than 25.000 unique content pieces, ranging from product descriptions and sales information to campaigns and news: we were tasked with structuring this into a user-friendly information platform that enables more than 55.000 users in various roles to navigate and find relevant content efficiently, thereby ensuring successful service-delivery and high customer satisfaction.

The Telekom Magenta Infos team at work in the Tangity Munich Studio.


First, we set out to understand the context and needs of employees, in order to tailor the user experience to match these needs and support efficient workflows.

Based on the insights gained through our UX-research, and considering the functionality provided by the chosen backend system, we developed prototypes that were phased into an agile delivery model once they had reached maturity.

Throughout the development of the product increments we provided continuous UX support, ensuring a successful release.

Telekom Magenta Infos designed Screens.


It is essential to inspire a management team and stakeholders by making tangible a vision of a future system. By building clickable prototypes that demonstrated key use cases covering major functions and usages, we were able to set the stage for this project.

Above and beyond an innovative solution concept, it is important to demonstrate the feasibility of this vision. In an interdisciplinary team of business owner, UX & UI designers and creative technologists, we developed a solution that add significant business value through the optimization of the various users’ workflows.

Different devices showing Telekom Magenta Info screens.
Insight into the Magenta Info Design System.


Magenta Infos is an easy-to-use information system that supports a wide range of user groups in different work environments such as retail shops, call centers and in-the-field, that offers easily navigable and relevant content for the needs and context of each role.

Moreover, through the creation of direct communication channels, the system reduces barriers between management and employees, thereby strengthening corporate culture and improving teamwork.

Magenta Infos is integrated into the existing digital ecosystem and thereby provides a seamless experience in the user’s workflow.

The system was very well received by the 55.000 employees of Deutsche Telekom, with an average of 180.000 page views per day.

Two team members of Tangity Munich working on the Magenta Infos Design System.
"With Tangity, we found our partner at eye level. The commitment and passion of the UX experts and designers could be felt in every phase of the project. This started in the pre-project phase, when we developed the strategic approach for Magenta Infos. This was an exciting discursive process, which required changes of perspective on both sides. During the implementation, Tangity convinced us with solid work and great ideas. Tangity‘s involvement was a very important factor in the success of the project.”
— Tina Luisa Man, VP Information Management, Telekom Deutschland

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