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This animal will be an NFT

When a trend turns out to be to real.

360° Campaign
2 months


Every year, ANP/WWF Portugal needs to launch fundraising campaigns so that it can continue to help our planet as a whole and Portugal's ecosystems, in particular. Like the species it helps to protect, the institution also lives in an unstable balance between existence and extinction, dependent on the attention and support of the people of Portugal.

WWF Campaign above stairs


The other side needs to be shown – many of these innovations are responsible for increasing the carbon footprint, and, even more importantly, for making us forget that there are bigger problems to solve in this world before we consider migrating to another. One of these problems is very clear and well known: animals.

WWF campaign social media posts featuring pixelated animals


In 2022, we witnessed the advent of the metaverse, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. These hot topics and buzzwords have been responsible for many of the ideas we've seen come to life, but there's another side to the story.

Two posters featuring advertising in underground station


It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that many of the animals we idolize are on the verge of becoming NFTs and mythical figures in the metaverse. If we don't act, we won't be able to prevent it.

With this in mind, the first donation campaign has been launched to subvert the trend and highlight the forgotten side: the side that condemns us.

Through a coordinated social media, billboard, and print campaign, the ultimate goal was to draw attention to the fact that if we don't reverse our view of the world and this progress, one thing is certain: these animals will become NFTs.