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The new FFMS website

Rethinking Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos's Digital Ecosystem

Creative Concept
User Research
UX and Service Design
Experience Design
Transformation Strategy
Content Design & UX Writing
15 months


The volume of information produced by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, as an entity whose mission is to collect, process and share reliable information that promotes serious debate on issues facing Portuguese society, had become a challenge, given its essentially digital dissemination platform.

The FFMS digital ecosystem was made up of a total of 15 websites, with being the main domain, and several minisites associated with a specific theme, some hosted as subdomains of the main one and others are their own domains. The challenge was to rething the online presence from a creative concept aligned with a new content strategy and making use of best practices of UX & UI.


FFMS needed a home, as much as everyone of us needs a home. A unique home, a single source of truth. We focused on this need and proposed a new content strategy based on a single online presence, to where all the multitude of contents migrated, still preserving their richness and diversity. In this one home, all the voices, facts, studies can be read, listened to and are up to debate. As in any portuguese home.

Screenshots of FFMS Website, desktop and mobile version


The biggest learning from the project was the advantage of having the different stakeholders (Client, UX, UI, Copy, Content and Developers) working together along from the beggining towards the same goal. We applied that logic on a second project to the same client and the gains were visible from the begining.

Selection of FFMS app screens


A new website featuring a cutting-edge online store based on best practice user experience: mobile first, thematic search, media area with all audiovisual content organized in a streaming channel logic and a completely renovated bookstore.



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