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Crafting a cutting-edge omnichannel experience for customers

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Revolutionizing user experience: deploying an advanced martech technology stack for hyper-personalization. 

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The bank faced the challenge of a comprehensive overhaul of its customer experience through a new communication plan. To achieve this, it needed to revamp its Martech technology stack, incorporating new tools capable of delivering a personalized customer experience.

The primary challenge was the implementation and integration of these tools from the Adobe stack within a demanding timeframe. Additionally, the bank needed to define a new governance model in response to the introduction of significant tools such as a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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At Tangity, we are spearheading a comprehensive renovation of the bank's Martech technology stack. This initiative involves the integration of new tools for campaign activation, analysis, and audience targeting, including pivotal elements like a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

In response to the imperative to revamp customer communication strategies, we have taken on the definition, implementation, and configuration of various components within the Adobe stack. This encompasses Adobe Real-Time CDP, Adobe Journey Orchestration, Adobe Campaign, Customer Journey Analytics, and Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Furthermore, we are ensuring seamless integration with the bank's existing technological infrastructure.

Our mission is to revolutionize the bank's communication with its customers by designing and configuring innovative campaigns and experiences using these tools. This approach fosters a comprehensive 360-degree view of users and delivers a personalized real-time experience.

In the midst of this transformative journey, we are concurrently developing and implementing a new governance model within the organization. This involves defining novel roles, structures, and workflows to adapt to the organizational changes brought about by this radical revolution.

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In a bank of such significance, maintaining a current Martech stack is imperative for delivering a sophisticated customer experience. The introduction of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) into a company requires the establishment of a new governance model, signaling a cultural shift in both the Marketing and Technology domains.

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As a result of this project, we have successfully implemented a new Martech stack, specifically from Adobe, aimed at enhancing communication and customer experience.

Through the definition and configuration of new use cases within these tools and the establishment of a new operating model, we have achieved reductions in customer contact times, elevated personalization in campaigns, and enhanced overall efficiency in the communication process with customers.

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