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Reale Seguros
Ingood, redefining a personal belongings digital insurance for people who enjoy life

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Innovating the insurance industry by capturing new segments

Innovation Strategy
Brand Experience Design
UX and Service Design
Content Design & UX Writing
User Research
6 months


Reale Seguros aimed to revolutionize the personal belongings insurance market by introducing a cutting-edge digital experience tailored for a new target audience. The seamless integration of this new initiative with the main brand is crucial. Additionally, providing an attractive and user-centric experience is essential to justify the introduction of a new product. With a commitment to delivering a high-quality and high-value experience for its customers, this new "digital concept & platform" should be flexible enough to support new business models and expansion into other countries in the near future.

Person wearing a pink shirt riding a bicycle towrds the word Adrenalina
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Tangity Spain establishes a new vector of innovation within a robust and well-established company like Reale, leveraging an approach that goes beyond basic demographic characteristics to target high-potential clients based on their hobbies and interests, including cycling, skiing, and golf. We co-created a highly appealing value proposition with the client, achieving the ideal balance between innovation and operational capability through a new brand.
Ingood is designed to embrace an End-to-End new digital experience for a target audience beyond the traditional insurance approach, integrating business automation and data analytics to boost operational efficiency and delivering a more personalized customer experience.
Ingood offers products during key customer touchpoints to enhance risk selection, reduce fraud risk, and minimize marketing investment. Such an approach grants access to a pool of qualified customers for cross-selling, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.
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To ensure the successful launch of Ingood, it was crucial to place the value proposition at the core of every element we designed: the product, its functionalities, the brand, the overall experience, or any communication and interaction with the user. This learning played a vital role in defining a distinct market position.

Ingood Desktop Screen


Our solution positions Reale as a highly innovative company in the insurance industry. Ingood is an End-to-End 100% mobile digital solution that offers convenience and control, the user can activated or deactivated the insurance with just one click. We allowed the user to safeguard their best and most enjoyable moments of their lifes. With Ingood, you can insure what you love precisely when you need to.
We created a technology-driven solution and build a brand that was capable of connecting with a new target audience. Empathy with the user and personalization were key to deliver a high quality experience.
Ingood Mobile Screen
"By deeply understanding our customers' lifestyles, we were able to provide a significant experience, fostering a meaningful connection between them and our brand."






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