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UNICEF Germany
From prioritizing accessibility to enhancing inclusivity

Screens of UNICEF Germany’s Website and parts of the accessibility report layout

Accessibility Assessment

UNICEF Germany
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2 months


The motivation for acting arises from UNICEF Germany's preparedness to comply with the European Accessibility Act, to be effective by 2025. In response, UNICEF Germany is proactively implementing measures to enhance accessibility on their website.

UNICEF Germany partnered with Tangity and NTT DATA to determine their accessibility across their website. For this, we conducted a four-week assessment in adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Despite the complexity of UNICEF Germany’s pages, our team of accessibility experts delivered a comprehensive assessment while providing improvement action points.

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Through collaborative efforts between developers and designers, we adopted a two-fold approach to optimize time and effort. This comprised a thorough manual assessment of specific pages utilizing tools such as screen readers and device viewports checks, alongside an automated assessment to evaluate specific components provided.

To ensure transparency, we opted to include visual representations of the violated elements in our deliverables, as well as explanations and potential solutions to address these.

A person is working on a laptop showing the visual representation of the accessibility report, both the excel report, and the visual report in Figma


UNICEF Germany now has a clear understanding of the specific areas and reasons for inaccessible website elements. Moreover, the provided report not only shed light on the current accessibility status of UNICEF Germany’s website, enhancing transparency, it also offered actionable steps to address existing violations, offering guidance on mitigating issues and preventing future inaccessible elements.

Altogether, the heightened awareness on accessibility and its recognition as a core value seamlessly translates into a more inclusive and compliant website for UNICEF Germany.

A person working on a color palette with an iPad, trying out the accessibility of colors


Our insights have already led to website enhancements, like refining color choices in UNICEF Germany’s design system, proving that performing an assessment on time can help tackle unseen issues and will help reduce development efforts in the long run. Because although elements might look accessible to our eyes, they may not be for certain user groups.

Understanding the diverse impact and potential of an accessible website is crucial across various disciplines, including content creators, developers, product managers, and more. We were glad to support UNICEF Germany to get that transparency early on, making sure that timely collaboration and the availability of all necessary stakeholders for required alignments is assured.

Two team members from Tangity in front of a laptop discussing insights of the accessibility report in Excel
"The Tangity team has worked with us on the Accessibility Assessment project. In addition to all the technical and UX/UI expertise, the collaboration and workflows were well structured, agile and quickly implemented."
UNICEF Germany Project Coordinator

Assessed WCAG criteria


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Components - Automated testing


Pages – Manual testing