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B2B Digital Sales Acceleration and Marketing Automation Operations

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Driving the Future of B2B Digital Sales in the Energy Sector with our Growth LAB

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We are faced with B2B clients such as self-employed, SMEs, and large enterprises who are increasingly demanding and highly digitalized, seeking the same seamless buying experience as they experience in the B2C segment. The competitive market complexity intensifies demand generation and prospecting, posing challenges for traditional sales teams, which are becoming less relevant. Furthermore, rapid digitalization and technological automation encourage companies to enhance the personalization of their value proposition and optimizing efforts in commercial processes. 

Endesa B2B embraces the challenge of transitioning from traditional offline commercial approaches to digital sales acceleration and scaling ecosystems. This shift is crucial to maintaining its position as a digital leader in the energy sector. 

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A Growth LAB was created to generate a full digital collaboration model that integrates the partner's capabilities into Endesa B2B's Digital Sales dynamics. The goal of this synergy is to enhance efficiency and innovation in the sales process. The project structure is built upon 5 labs, each comprising mixed specialized teams (Traffic & Content, CRO & UX UI, Data, Post Lead CX, and Account-Based Marketing ABM), along with a management office and an agile, high-performance 2-year operating model. This approach has enabled us to address project challenges from multiple perspectives, ensuring the effectiveness of digital sales and achieving the goals set by our clients. 

We employ a methodological approach focused on the continuous optimization of the Full Digital Sales Funnel. This involves understanding and communicating the value proposition and product fit, analyzing and improving the user experience on the website and landing pages, developing effective traffic acquisition and audience segmentation strategies, as well as implementing conversion tactics and tracking results. Through a data-driven approach and constant experimentation, we strive for continuous improvement. 

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We have developed our own working methodology since introducing changes in processes is no longer sufficient. B2B companies must cultivate a new Digital Growth Culture through specialized talent orchestrated across different Labs. This entails adopting a data-driven mindset, implementing a continuous improvement process based on strategic Think Tanks, encouraging collaboration and flexibility among stakeholders, departments, and other partners involved in the end-to-end operational model. 
Another critical success factor is the establishment of a committed customer relationship model within a project featuring a variable success fee. This model ensures the attainment of sales objectives and facilitates continuous improvement throughout the sales process. 

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Our solution involves accompanying Endesa through the complete Digital B2B Sales Journey ensuring swift scaling, reliability, and efficient commercial operation, with a focus on achieving measurable outcomes for two different customer segments (Personalized and SME) within the B2B utilities field. 

We provide auditing and strategic support from initial awareness to lead generation, qualification, and ultimately, client conversion. Our service includes segment understanding, value proposition personalization, content and channel strategy, database creation, data intelligence, commercial process and script audits, customer experience enhancements, CRO & digital analysis, and reporting, among others. 

Additionally, we accompany Endesa through the entire Account-Based Marketing process on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and call center with the assistance of our 'Digital Hunters’. This encompasses developing the commercial strategy for the channel, providing support and tools for commercial profiles, defining content for interaction, prospecting paid media, and planning accordingly. 

Ultimately, we also define, operationalize, and implement the B2B Marketing Automation strategy using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. 

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