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Grooming the next generation of designers

How we collaborate with Politecnico di Milano Design School.


Staircase of Politecnico di Milano Design School

While being Tangity’s Executive Design Director, Antonio Grillo, also works as official Inclusive Design Professor at the Design School of Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches a Masters class in how to become more conscious about the impact of design.

In addition, together with Tangity, Design School of Politecnico di Milano has launched the first “15-Minutes City” PhD program that investigates how design might improve people's lives by building more sustainable ways of designing our cities. 

Lecture in Service Design in Tokyo
Politecnico Students applauding
Antonio Grillo teaches in Tokyo
Politecnico students doing group work
Service Design Course in Tokyo
Woman standing in front of projector that reads Customer Journey Mapping
Two people presenting in front of student panel
Five people discussing vividly
Politecnico Students presenting groupwork