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Designing for Dementia

by Alessia Viano


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The growth of the average life expectancy is radically changing the way society recognizes and tackles age-related diseases. Among age-related illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most diffused. It requires a constant effort on different levels in order to equally take care of the person that lives with dementia and his caregivers. The exponential growth over the years of the number of people affected by this disease has posed new questions and challenges that aim to obtain sustainable methods of treatment and assistance. In this complex scenario, design could really have an impact and raise the quality of life of the people involved. What has been done until today and what could we do for the future?

About Alessia Viano

As Senior UX & Service Designer at Tangity for 4 years, Alessia has worked on experimental projects such as Grace_Lab, part of the Lab.I.R.Int research group of the Milan Politecnico University. This project aimed to explore therapeutic environments dedicated to those living with Alzheimer's, a topic in which she quickly developed a great interest. "

Note: This Seed was held in English.