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Tangity reaches Spain, joining 700 minds and hearts

Shaping the evolution of marketing and experience.


The world is changing. In an era of rising complexity and uncertainty, deciphering and managing the ever-evolving landscape becomes increasingly challenging for brands. Tangity has emerged to address these complexities, transforming marketing and customer experience challenges into opportunities. 

Integrating technology within marketing is now a given, yet Tangity aspires to transcend this norm. To tackle marketing challenges effectively while creating impactful experiences, it is crucial to organically blend strategy, creativity, and technology in every endeavour. 

Tangity Spain's mission is to assist CEOs and CMOs in incorporating new capabilities, perspectives, and expertise. Our expansion is brought to life with the inauguration of Tangity Spain, joining the Untanglers' family with more than 700 professionals across our new hubs in Madrid and Barcelona. 

Tangity Spain represents a fresh business approach that merges avant-garde technology, strategic thinking, and creative prowess to meet the evolving demands of marketing. In this new marketing age, driven by groundbreaking technologies like generative AI, Tangity specialises in devising innovative relationship models and distinctive brand experiences. 

This new development strengthens NTT DATA's global network and reinforces our core values. We welcome a diverse, empathetic team with innovative insights to navigate this new era's complexities. 

Tangity is advancing towards a future where the synergy of ideas, methodologies, and technology forms the cornerstone of crafting a society that aligns with communal, environmental, and societal needs, addressing present and future challenges. 

As we grow, our commitment to fostering positive global change remains unwavering. This expansion enhances our reach, capitalizing on the strengths of our collective expertise. 

Bound by mutual values and fueled by the drive for innovation, we persist in breaking new ground, challenging conventions, and delivering pioneering solutions to businesses and governments alike. 

The future presents new challenges, but we're ready to lead the way by embracing collaboration. Our potential is greater than ever. 

Tangity Spain Team Portrait
Three designers enjoying the sunset from Tangity Barcelona's rooftop
Ester Leotte, Managing Director of Tangity Portugal
Maria José Romero San José, Managing Director of Tangity Spain giving an interview
Victor López-Barrantes, Country Manager - NTT DATA Spain giving a speech about the Tangity Spain launch
Elsa Fernández García, Global CMO McDonald’s, Macarena Estévez, Marketing Specialist, Advanced Analytics & CEO Círculo Analítico and Kika Samblás, Marketing Specialist & CEO of Scopen Consulting participating in the round table during the of Tangity Spain launch event
Audience invited to the launch event Tangity Spain