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MDF Talk: From Sustainability to Regeneration

Shifting paradigms for a thriving future.


Pepa Romero and David Freire speaking in front of an audience

Madrid Design Festival is an urban event in which the entire city gives voice to innovation in areas such as Strategic Design, Architecture, Crafts, and Technology. Every year, MDF promotes many generous initiatives to open up forums between experts and audiences with the goal of energizing disruptive, relevant, and brand-new ideas. In this framework, Tangity Spain presented, for the first time, its vision and knowledge about Regeneration.

Sustainability is a term used for decades. All sectors implement sustainable policies while the European Commission modulates laws to control and monitor sustainable practices. But why is it not enough? Because sustainability just seeks to ensure that natural resources are not wasted or contaminated. And we must achieve effective results against the total tear of resources. That is why we must overcome the sustainability concept and implement practices from a regeneration approach.

Regeneration consists of repairing, in a conscious way, our impact on the natural environment in two ways. The first one is to restore all the resources we use. And the second one is to design systems, structures, products, and services able to create life for themselves. Only with both ways of thinking, we will reach a balance in which people, economies, and environments can grow in a fair way.

We all know the fact that we are living in a moment of uncertainty and changing dynamics, with energy and health crises, open war conflicts, fluctuating markets, and an impoverished population that demands real solutions. So, this is the moment to promote new ideas and habits to create a better future with communities and environments at the center.

To achieve this goal, institutions and companies must lead a transition to new thinking models based on breaking-new methodologies that, for sure, respect natural resources and also restore them.

To talk about this huge challenge, we celebrate the colloquium «From Sustainability to Regeneration. The inevitable change». That day, Tangity Spain was an ambassador for women and men who, with openness and generosity, shared their ideas about this topic.

This inspiring session, celebrating UDIT, one of the most innovative University Campus of Madrid, started with a talk by Jorge Márquez . After then, Pepa Romero and David Freire moderated a round table in which we shared ideas with Laura Durán (General Director of Business Development and Sustainability at IKEA), Javier Martínez (eMobility Director at EDP), Lucía Crespo (Universitas Program Director and Faculty at Telefónica), David Alayón (Chief Foresight Officer at Innuba), and Nacho Pinedo (Co-Founder & Group CEO at DIGITALENT Group).

We and our guests truly believe that a New Era is beginning, and it is time to overcome the concept of sustainability and promote a mindset based on regeneration. Only in this way, will we be able to move forward to significant global changes.

Venue of the festival from outside
Audience involved in the discussion
Close-up of Jorge Márquez during his speech
Close-up of Pepa Romero during her speech
Audience listening to a speech
Person taking pictures with the smartphone