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Imperfect Bots: Artificial Intelligence to Promote Inclusion

Shining light on abilities of people with disabilities.


The inclusion of people with disabilities is urgent. In Spain, according to the latest reports from the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística), there are up to 2 million of citizens with some disability, and only 34.6% are working.

To raise awareness about this reality, Tangity Spain and NTT DATA have launched ‘Imperfect Bots’, a campaign that uses Artificial Intelligence to create digital humans from real people with any kind of disability. The goal of this campaign is to highlight the perfection of every one of them, and their bold capabilities.

‘Imperfect Bots’, developed with the support of Avatar Factory, allows large companies to customize their chatbots with people with disabilities who are already part of their workforce. In that way, this tool gives voice to the talent of people who face social and work stigmas in their daily lives and also promotes the inclusion policies of the companies.

Marta Vázquez, Lead Designer of Experience Design and Accessibility Expert, explains: “With ‘Imperfect Bots’ we empower people with disabilities in the work environment. We truly believe in the potential of technology to promote inclusion, both in the workplace and in daily activities increasing their autonomy and independence.”

The pilot test of the campaign was focused on the creation of the digital human based on Marta Vázquez herself, who has a hearing disability, but it will continue with the digitization of other members of the company, for example, Diego Dámaso Puente, GDN Partner at NTT DATA, who was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease two years ago. He points out the importance of giving visibility to this reality: “It is not easy to say that I have a disability because it is not well seen, but it really is something that can happen to anyone.” If you're interested in learning more about ‘Imperfect Bots’, find more information here.

A person from the back being recorded in a studio with soft lights
Marta Vazquez's bot
Portrait of Marta Vázquez
Close-up of two hands
Close-up of an ear with a hearing aid
Close-up of a person's gaze