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Thoughts on the Design Responsibility Evolution

Why designing great experiences is not enough.


Inclusion Sostainability

Great experiences have become an expectation in today's digitally savvy world. Remember the first time you booked an Uber? Or used your contactless payment method to take the train? Or even unlocking your phone with your fingerprint for the first time? Of course not.

These satisfying moments are now embedded within our daily lives that we take for granted as if we're entitled to them.

But what is the broader impact of these experiences?
While the human-centric design has been one of the key drivers in successful businesses, our UX and Service Design Director Antonio Grillo argues it's time to change "lenses" from basing success on isolated user experiences toward humanity-centric design, which takes into consideration the impact on wider societies over time. 

The controversial aspects related to these two examples, reveal that

Design Responsibility goes beyond the design of amazing experiences that focus only on the present: designing with just the users in mind is not enough to guarantee a positive impact on society. So, it’s time to change “lenses”.