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PUSH UX Conference 2023

Tangity Breakout Session


Graphic on accessibility. A blind woman and a man with glasses, a tangle between them. Event title above.

Setting the ground for accessibility with our PUSH UX Breakout Session   

At this year's PUSH UX in Munich, leading UX conference in the DACH region and platform for hands-on design professionals, product minded innovators and creative technologists, our Munich Untanglers Mareike Klauß and Zoe Luck had the pleasure to host a Breakout Session on "Breaking Down Barriers, Enhancing Accessibility".

The interactive workshop format provided a platform for us to raise awareness of the needs of people with diverse backgrounds and different abilities. Together with the session's participants, we set out to redefine the meaning of accessibility and bring to light the diverse dimensions it encompasses.

Because accessibility is far more than just color contrast; it's about understanding the multifaceted needs and dimensions of users BEFORE diving into solutions.

Because accessibility is more than compliance and it begins by beating the drum for marginalized groups and understanding their needs in order to create digital experiences that are truly inclusive and meaningful to everyone.

Our biggest takeaway from talking to our participants?

The enthusiasm and engagement we witnessed were absolutely phenomenal. The design community is not just interested but hungry to explore accessibility and inclusion further. It's amazing to connect with so many allies who share our passion.

Let's keep the conversation going and continue to foster accessibility and inclusion in the design community but also beyond. We look forward to more collaborations, discussions, and, most importantly, pushing the boundaries of UX to make the digital world accessible to all. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, to exchange, learn and create an accessible digital future together!

If you're interested in learning more about the PUSH UX Conference, find more information here.

Our Tangity Munich colleagues and hosts of the PUSH UX Breakout Session
The PUSH UX stage, two people speaking.
Participants of the Breakout Session concentrating.
The PUSH UX Conference location in Munich.
Close-up of workshop participants writing and concentrating.
The Tangity Breakout Session on Breaking Down Barriers, Enhancing Accessibility at the PUSH UX 2023.