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"Are we becoming Superhumans?"

Munich Creative Week Panel Discussion


Woman flying with a red cape.

How does technology shape our human decisions and the role of design in the process? How can AI contribute to overcoming limitations? Can we really become superhumans? Come and find out.

When: 10.05.23, 5:00 PM CET
Where: Tangity Studio Munich, Hans-Döllgast-Straße 26, 80807 München

At Tangity’s panel discussion „Are we becoming Superhumans?“ we explore the role design has today and how it needs to evolve to become more effective in creating sustainable change. How does it have to adapt to technological change to create products that make our lives more convenient without diminishing our self-sufficiency? How can AI contribute to overcoming human limitations? Can we really become superhumans?

You’ll have a unique opportunity to explore a selection of aspects that shape our beliefs and fundamentally inform our decision-making. Is AI one of them? We’ll gather to question our understanding of design today and strive to uncover what lies beneath the surface. Through thought-provoking conversation, we’ll reflect on what pervades our collective consciousness and consider how it shapes our daily lives. 

As one of 16 NTT DATA design studios worldwide, at Tangity we reduce complexity to its core human aspects - simplicity, added value, and sustainability. We develop human-centered innovations. This involves constantly scrutinizing the role of design, reflecting on the world’s events and shaping our perspective to better understand how people, society, and the reality around us are evolving.