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#D22: Untangling Reality

Are we truly augmenting reality, or are we just running away from it? Get the deck


Throughout the event, our Design Directors Giselle Chajin, Emanuela Cozzi, Antonio Grillo and Christoph Rauscher shared valuable insights into the future and how design could be leveraged to create balance, value, and well-being in a world that is increasingly threatened by inequality, misinformation, and virtual alienation.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this event possible and to those who joined us in the audience.

In case you didn't make it... don't you worry! We got you covered.

Check out the video recording above.

Five men from the audience watching the presentation
Emanuela Cozzi speaking infront of audience
photos from the talk
Giselle Chajin speaking to the audience
photos from the talk
Two women from the audience
Antonio Girllo speaking to the audience during Q and A session
Impressions from the audience
Designer on stage with audience